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Sam Ojie, former NCAA Division I women's volleyball coach and former international professional volleyball player


Sanja Tomasevic, Assistant Women's Volleyball coach, University of Miami, "Sam in one of the most passionate people I've met in coaching, and we all know there are lots of passionate coaches out there. He looooooves volleyball and he is really good at explaining things he believes in..."



Welcome to master volleyball training! 

The sport of volleyball has been expanding in the country since the last Olympics. Because of the increase in popularity of this sport, there has been a huge surge in the creation of new clubs. Unfortunately it is tough for quality coaching to keep up with the demand.  Master Volleyball Training was created to meet the demands of this growing sport by providing quality training to young players to help them MASTER their skills early in their volleyball career.


Master Volleyball Training allows you to hire a coach with international and college experience at any time. When you hire Master Volleyball Training you will be guaranteed to see your players exceed their individual and team goals. We make it our priority to focus on teaching  the correct  techniques that college coaches look for. By teaching your players to "find their rhythm" and using a tempo style technique, you will not only see your players respond better and improve their skills, but you can also use this to help your team improve to new heights.


Words from former players and colleagues

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